January 25, 2017

What I Ate Wednesday - January 25th 2017

Candy Apple Sandwich from The Best Homemade Kids Lunches on the Planet by Laura Fuentes. 

Soreen and Banana and Popcorn for snacks on Friday. It was a long day. Don't judge. 

Yeah, so this is macaroni and baked beans and tofu. Yeah I have no idea what was going on. It was an accumulation of what was in my fridge and needed eating up. 

The Avacado Bacon Melt from The Best Homemade Kids Lunches on the Planet, I used veggie bacon and vegan cheese, and made it on a panini because I found them in the reduced section at Tesco. 

Pear slices and caramel peanut butter. 

The Egg Breakfast Muffins from MOMables again. Made with veggie bacon, vegan cheese, and a Spinach Chickpea Omelette from My Whole Food Life. 

The Perfect Pancakes from The Best Homemade Kids Lunches on the Planet (yas that cookbook is my new shiny toy :P ) with Persimmon and yes, that's Nutella. (I made the pancakes using Almond milk and egg replacer). 

I made the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from Chocolate Covered Katie. It was great. I forgot to add the chocolate chips. 

I made the Homemade Ramen Noodle Soup from MOMables, I added some tofu. 

This was attempt two of the Candy Apple Sandwich, the recipe said to slice the apple, but then it kept falling off my sandwich, so I cut it into a very small dice and mixed it in with the peanut butter, which worked a lot better! 

And here is the sandwich cut into a butterfly, with popcorn, the rest of the apple, some cherry tomatoes and GORP. 

I made the Avocado Bacon Melt again, let it cook and packed it in my lunch with a Marvel orange, some chia pudding and some pistachio nuts. 

Linda McCartney sausages and mustard mash, with Dinosaur Kale and veggie gravy. Definitely comfort food. 

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