April 29, 2015

Roll Up, Roll Up, Any Remaining Bento's.....

Okay- I'm working backward's here. I told you last week how I've written a load of blog posts so that there will be  It make's no sense to you- but for me it means that I have a blog post for every week up until I finish exams. And so I have already written all of the blog posts that you will see until June 18th. Scary- huh? 

One thing you're gonna see a lot of? All the bento's that kind of 'slipped through the gaps'. The ones that I've made, photographed- but never got round to posting. 

To be honest- most of them I don't even want to post any more. I look at them- and meh. They're o-kay. But - why? They're just okay. But when I started I promised to record them all- and so I am going to. 

But the one's that I have got left from this major 'bento blogging spree' which you have coming up (cause I ain't gonna lie- most of them are bento's for a few weeks) are all going in this post. Cause after that- expect a lot of oatmeal. And smoothies. And pancakes. 

Oh my- the pancakes. The pancakes will be GOOD. 

And some noodle/stir fry/pasta dishes. And some granola. And some bars... And a salad. 

And yeah, just you know- lots of food. 

Because.... Food.

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