April 22, 2015

I Love Exams.... Said Nobody Ever

Actually- I think I did. Once (well- like, several times). In my defence, I was young (like, 11), I was foolish- and OH SO STUPID. 

Okay - so I have committed myself to publishing a blog post once a week. Have you noticed that each week my posts are getting later and later... Cause I have (like- seriously noticed!) I mean- my week starts on Thursday.... and today's Wednesday..... and I am oh so desperately super speedily typing this because I HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW. 

And- you know- I wanna revise (although I have had an exam 3 time's this week and each time I had to revise the same stuff for it- so I'm getting good. I am brilliant if you want to know the percentage uncertainty of a measurement. Not so good if you want to know how to integrate something which is tending towards infinity. Luckily - that isn't going to come up tomorrow). 

So.... I wanna tell you what's going to happen on here for the nest two months. (Or just under. But we're not talking about that. Because that's scary.) 

I start my exams. I finish my exams. And I don't care if you try and make me feel better by saying 'they're not that important'. 

These exams (A levels) are the most important exams that I will ever have sit. To be honest- after examining the evidence- they may well be the most important exams that I will ever sit. 

So - as much as I love you guys - right now - I love getting good grades more. And as much as I love you guys- I have all summer to love you guys. Any time after June 18th is too late to love getting good grades. By then - I will be all done.

And I will have asked my teacher how to integrate something that is tending towards infinity. Cause I have read the textbook like- 6 times now. And I am still none the wiser. I think all A level textbooks should be in color. And have pictures of anthropomorphized veggies everywhere.

So until then- I am not going to commit to writing any blog posts. Luckily/unluckily for you- I have already written a load. And so - each week (usually on a Thursday) there will automatically be a new post up here. Hopefully. Unless it all goes wrong. In which case there won't be- and in that case I'm sorry.

So luckily- there will still be new content each week. So you won't have to look at this - rather sad- picture less post that is being written by a girl - who- to be quite honest- is more bothered by her integration skills. Or lack there of.

Unluckily- they just aint' that grate. I take pictures ALL THE TIME. And sometimes- they amass on my computer- all neatly put into folders by which future post they belong to. But then something else more exciting comes along. Now- I know I shouldn't of let this happen. I should have posted these ages ago. In some cases - like 8 months ago. (Wow- I say that and think 'Have I had this blog that long? And then realise I've had my blog more like 18 months). But for one reason or another- I didn't.

And then I looked back- and wondered what on earth was I thinking? Cause.... some of them are just plain...... [enter swear word here]. So I decide that I'll just press delete on the photo- but I can never do it. I just can't bear to delete something that- although is now so awful to me- I tried really hard with and thought was really good at the time.

I know it may not seem like it to you- because a lot of my posts are no where near as good as I want them to be. Some of my posts seem to be worse than ones that I published at the beginning.

But I am trying my best- and inside- I feel like I have gotten better. I feel like I'm improving- I feel like I am making progress. And a lot of the time- I'm proud of myself.

And that means- that I started these posts. I want to see them through.

So what you are going to see for the next two months isn't going to win any awards. But hey- I'm not in this to get an A*. I'm in this because I love it. And so hey- learn to live with me. I'm not perfect.

Just a head's up- you're going to be seeing a lot of bento boxes.

I'm not saying that I'm going to be ignoring you completely. I'm getting into quite the routine of Insatgraming at breakfast - if I ever have a revision break- you can bet that I'll be on here (very excited as she nears 5000 page views- cause- exciting!) I will be CONSTANTLY thinking up recipe idea's - cause that part of my brain isn't turning off at the moment. We're talking Princess Aurora Smoothies and Honey Mustard Stir Fry. I will be writing- cause there is a lot I want to write about just now - but maybe don't expect anything to be published. Cause I will be spending way more time writing essays. I may add notes to the pre-scheduled posts- just to say hay in real time. I'm not going to ignore you completely- but I can't commit to you. As much as I love you.

If it makes you feel any better- all this summer? I am going to be doing lot's of blogging. And writing. But a lot of blogging. Like- several hours a day. And lot's of cooking. I have some taste tester's lined up already.

So- just to warn you what's going on. I have already written all the post's you're going to see for approximately the next two months. They aren't grate. But I'm busy.

So- I hope you all have a good time- enjoy the sunny weather which we all know will end the moment exam's finish- and I'll see you on the other side.

If I don't return- Einstein's Theory of Relativity has killed me (and that is actually on the specification, so...)

Wish me luck! 

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