April 14, 2015

In Other, Less Interesting News # 6

I compile these posts by adding any photos into a folder- and then creating a post when I have enough uninteresting news.

That's how I know that it has been way too long since I have done one of these- because the photo's in here? They're from a long time ago. 

We're talking last September people. > 6 months = too long. 

So... Since I am really really late doing this- and also because I should REALLY be revising- let's just get on with it. And hope that none of this is too outdated to bear. 

And sorry that this weeks post is AMAZINGLY late. A combination of revision, busy back to college rush, and being ill. I know- excuses excuses!!! Also, please bear in mind that these photo's are a) unedited, and b) taken over winter with, like, no light!

1. I have started loom banding. Yes, I'm very late to this craze- possibly too late- but hey. It's cool- it's fantastic, and I love it. That loom broke the first day I used it :( Never fear- I now have a non breakable loom. 

2. Last September, I did a review of Innocent's fruit tubes.  It was a bit of a disaster- turned out they weren't vegan and it was during Vegan MoFo. But Innocent very kindly sent me some money off vouchers - I wasn't asked to write about them, it was just a nice surprise that they sent me some vouchers for writing about them! And my brother liked the smoothies, and I liked the alphabet magnets. Because yes, I collect the alphabet magnets.

3. I spent a long time trying to convince my parents that yes, you are supposed to leave persimmons until they are beyond soft and squishy- because that's when they taste their best. 

4. My parents decided that I didn't need a piano and decided that was wear Christmas presents were going to be stored this year. This little (Christmas) bunny was not impressed!

5. Cafe Nero do banana hot chocolate. Yes, I know. I mean, I know. I know. 

6. I got a goodie bag from BEAR because I collected enough cards. Yes, like collecting magnets, I am a sucker for gimmicks. But I got a goodie bag through the post. HOW COOL IS THAT. Free yoyo people- come on!

7. Vegetarian jelly. Enough said. 

8. I decided that I like veggie sushi and I know want to eat it. All. The. Time. Like literally. All the time.

9. Pre-Senior Section sushi. 

10. We found a card with 'Grampy' on it. He's waited almost 27 years- but finally a card with 'Grampy' on. 

11. Breakfast sushi and miso soup. Because yes, I will even eat sushi for breakfast now. 

12. Talking of breakfast, apparently, if you sprinkle a few oats on the top of a cereal bar, you can then call it a breakfast bar. Who knew?

13. I had a lot of putting away to do after spending possibly too much in Waitrose. And they didn't even have what I went there for (buckwheat). Apparently every Waitrose but ours sell it. What?

14. Speaking of Waitrose, sushi from there even comes with sushi ginger and wasabi paste. And Inari sushi. Be impressed. 

15. Again, Waitrose: B for Basil, M for Mint, T for Thyme, and P for.... Rosemary? Anybody going to explain how that one works?

Okay- until next time (when I promise you will get a better post than this.)!


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