March 22, 2015

In "My" Kitchen # 2

Anyone remember this post?

Well- this time- I don't have much of a sous chef. I AM DOING MOST OF MY OWN COOKING!!!!! I still need help with a few things- but I AM DOING A LOT OF IT ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool is that? 

Although slightly annoying when my Dad comes into the room and says things like "Don't you want a roast potato for tea?". Well- no- because if I want to cook for myself then I need to plan and so you can't just turn up and say "Don't you want a roast potato for tea?" because if I have roast potato for tea then when will I have the stir fry? :( 

So what is not in "my kitchen" is a roast potato. :P 


I like stir fry better anyway. 


So, I wanted to give you a overview of what I had been eating lately. Basically- noodles and oatmeal. And date bars but I don't have any pictures of them. So...

This isn't actually a proportional representation- this is more just a collection of the more interesting/noteworthy things. Or just the things I photographed for one reason or another. These aren't 'posed' photo's- and so they are completely unedited. Just to warn you. One even includes a laundry basket in the background. 

And this plate is what I affectionately like to call "how to eat your veggie burger when you have run out of anything but white bread". Cut out circles of bread, and cut the crusts into "chips". Yes, we really did need to go shopping. Yes, I should of chosen something other than veggie burger that night. Yes, it did make me obsessed with the white sliced bread and chilli sauce combo because it is AWESOME. 

This was one of my favourite meals until it got to the point where I couldn't buy Linda McCartney Fish Free Scampi anymore. The 'nuggets' added a really nice contrast to the thai red curry coconut stir fry. Don't suppose anybody knows where you can buy the scampi from now that Sainsbury's have stopped selling it?

This is some Paella that Mom and me made from a packet (a really long time ago now). You can't really see it that well in the picture- but it was really colourful. And also the first time that I'd had paella. It was good. I should make it again sometime. Though not from a packet. (Recipe possibly coming soon for serves 1 paella!)

I got a squash!!!!! To be honest, I have no idea what a harlequin squash is- I have never heard of it before, but they had one and it was so pretty and I just had to try some (obviously- who could turn down a squash as pretty as that?) It tasted yummy too :D

 Yes I am overusing emoticons in this post. Sorry. 

I had nooch on my risotto and roasted veg instead of parmesan! I'm not quite sure which I preferred, but I'd always been a bit afraid to try this and now I have. I was a very brave big girl :P And plus, as mentioned above- what doesn't taste good with squash?

And here is a mushroom sausage and sweet potato hash. I've decided that I need to eat stuff like this more often, because it's brilliant- no knives and forks!!!! (Okay, so there's a fork there but that's because the chopsticks were in the dishwasher). And plus, I had it with applesauce, and yum... applesauce!!!

And here are some noodles. Because I eat a lot of noodles. And noodles. :) 

And here is onion ring salad. Which is officially a thing now. Because I'm trying to clear out the stuff I don't want that is 'mine' from the freezer (because it is in a perpetual state of being full) and there was a big bag of onion rings in there from... a long time ago. And so I had onion rings with everything for a while. And so onion ring salad was a thing. 

So- that is a snap shot of what I've been eating lately. But really, I've been eating noodles and oatmeal. This was just the interesting stuff. 

Oh, and chocolate raisins. I've eaten a lot of chocolate raisins. 

Okay... au revoir. Next time I will include less emoticons... I promise. 

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