March 01, 2015

Happy World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is the day (22nd Feb) when boy/girl scouts and guides all over the world celebrate their brothers and sisters in the scouting/guiding family all over the world. 

It's a big deal. 

You can read about it here if you want to. I'm sure they can explain it a lot better than I have the energy to do at the moment. I'm tired. 

We (my Rainbows unit) celebrated by going to an event for girls (and one boy) from all over the county. It was a big (and actually very long) event. And I needed a packed lunch for it. And so enter this (very quickly thrown together) bento. (I mean very quickly. Like- at half 6 in the morning wondering around the kitchen thinking- I need something for lunch). 

Cause you know- I am the queen of forward planning and all.

So... here is a picture of what my brain can cope with at 6:30am while thinking.... I have approximately 5 minutes to put together a World Thinking Day worthy bento. It is not a World Thinking Day worthy bento. I am very sorry Lord & Lady Baden Powell.

(And on that note.... someone seriously needs to start a day to honour Agnes Baden Powell. But not on her birthday because it is too near Christmas)

It doesn't look very good. I looked a little better in real life. Not much- but this wasn't one of my most photographic bentos! 

My special World Thinking Day bento consists of Quorn sausage rolls, salsa, a chinese omelette (in the shape of Winnie the Pooh), a banana topped millet muffin, a dried fig, a dried apricot and a dried peach (shall we call it some sort of dried fruit salad?)

Oh, and I piped 'World Thinking Day' on a piece of apple (that I cut of the apple that I ate for breakfast). Not that you can really see it in the photo. 

So... it's late but I want to get this done today- so shall we get on with marking it?

2. LEFTOVERS I used the outside of the cut out omelette (because it didn't magically form in the shape of Winnie the Pooh) later that night in my tea (stir fry). So that's one star. (Gained)

4. BALANCE Okay. I didn't really get the balance here. I have two complex carbohydrate sources and only one fruit/vegetable source. I think that this is the first time that I have ever lost a star here. But lose one I do (sad face)

5. BOXABILITY I think it all fits very nicely into this box. I mean- I filled up all the gaps. And it's not all squashed in like sardines. So I think that I'll give myself another star for this one :) 

6. PACKING Nothing was individually wrapped!!! I mean, okay- so the muffin was in a wrapper- but that's only because I am having issues with my silicone muffin/cupcake cups. But it didn't come in a muffin paper in a tray in a plastic wrapper, so... No packaging? One more star for me (how about blue stars today- hey?)

7. CUTENESS I (very expertly) wrote on my apple. Hello- cuteness. One more star for me. 

8. PLANNING I know that I said above I was wondering around the kitchen thinking "what to have for lunch", but I had been away for a week (don't ask) and so I couldn't really plan anything because I didn't know what we would have in. So I'm gonna allow myself to stay neutral- ha? 

Plus 4!!! (Really? For that bento? It wasn't that good. But who am I to argue?) 

So... as I am mega tired.... good night. 

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