May 30, 2018

Comfort Food - Banana's and Custard with Melty Chocolate

There are times when you should never go shopping. 

Everyone says that you should never go shopping when you're hungry. To be honest, I've found that this isn't too much of an issue for me. Usually - what's appealing to me in the grocery store when I'm hungry is anything you can smell - which is usually the same as anything that's hot. 'Baked in store' is  usually what draws me in - and I don't actually buy that much from the bakery section. Especially as I usually buy my bread when it's on reduced, and so it's been taken to the refrigerated section. If I am buying something from the bakery section - it's usually because I have a specific end result in mind and so I normally know exactly what I'm getting, and so there aren't many impulse buys. 

And anyway - we all know what smells good in the bakery section are the sweet pastries, and I don't actually even like them all that much and so they're not that hard to resist.

What I found out last December is that you should never go grocery shopping when you are studying. A lot of things found their way into my basket that I'd managed to resist all semester. (Yes, I'm looking at you vegan yogurt, permissions, snow peas, avocados, fresh peppers, fresh broccoli, and beetroot.) 

What I found out on Friday? You should never go shopping on the way home from sitting an exam. Especially one you've sat just after moving into your new apartment properly. And when your finger is so numb from writing you won't actually be able to hold a knife properly when you get home (I wish I was joking - it took several days to go back to normal. It's still slightly numb if I press it.) 

So this time it wasn't to bad. 

Except at least last time most of what I bought was healthy - you know - fruits and veggies. 

This time? 

Super noodles. Curry flavor. You know - those ones that come in a blue foil packet with a flavor sachet that is 110% salt and 5% yellow food colouring? And vegan custard (why? I have custard powder at home. And that isn't full of sugar.) 

Several other things did make their way into my basket as well. The flour and banana that I had actually gone in for. 

For canned spaghetti which was 12p each or 3 for £1. Yes, you read that right. Please, if anyone is able - explain that one to me. My brain is physics-addled. I just can't make it add up. 

Seriously - I have no idea why those noodles made their way into my basket. Probably because they require no cooking- and are warm and savory. But I am really not proud. But last time I had an exam I went straight to bed and forgot to eat - at least this time I remembered to eat. Maybe. Are super noodles an improvement? 

I know why the custard came home with me. Plainly - who doesn't like custard - nobody that's who. Well - I never liked school dinner custard - but that was lumpy. 

And what better way to eat custard than with bananas (apart from apple crumble obviously)? Bananas - that's fruit right? That cancels out all the bad stuff. And it tastes good. What is it about bananas and custard that taste so good together? Apart from the fact that it's NOT fish fingers and custard?

And I had the perfect finishing touch already in my kitchen - chocolate.

The best way to eat bananas and custard (I have found from many trial and errors) is... heat the custard. Put it over the banana. Then top with chopped up chocolate, and leave it for a moment until the chocolate melts and forms a sort of chocolate sauce.

Sorted. Totally. And its fruit.

Yay me. 

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