March 02, 2018

Snow Day Number 3

How you know your on snow day 3? 

You have rearranged the magnets on your radiator and done a chapter of your Chinese workbook before breakfast. Which you eat at approximately 0740. 

You have very nearly finished the (more than nine hour long) Always and Forever, Lara Jean audio book. Which you got yesterday. After 2200. 

You have cleaned the kitchen counters. 

And out a load of laundry on. 

And watched two episodes of Sesame Street (and not the current series with half hour episodes.) 

You have spent hours waiting for your flatmate to come home because she's bringing home sugar and you want to make cookies. 

What happens when you have watched two episodes of Sesame Street (hello, Cookie Monster) and listened to the majority Always and Forever, Lara Jean, in which Lara Jean spends several chapters in the quest of the perfect chocolate chip cookie? 

You want to eat chocolate chip cookies. 

And what happens when you want to eat chocolate chip cookies? 

You want to make them. 

The trouble? I have very little food in the flat. (Something to do with the fact that Tesco didn't deliver my groceries due to this thing called snow....) 

So I had to try and find a recipe that included at most, one ingredient that I didn't have in. Which is a real problem when you have neither sugar or brown sugar, and you want to make cookies, which generally require both. 

(My flatmate was also getting me more necessary groceries than baking ingredients, or trying to, so I couldn't ask for a whole ingredient list.) 

I ended up using the "World's Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookies" from Chocolate Covered Katie's blog, which required brown sugar, granulated sugar optional.

Also, look at these tortilla chips!!! All the pretty colors!!! I'm not convinced that these are an essential grocery, but I'm glad that my flatmate brought them home. 


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