June 18, 2015

Noodle and Cheese Salad

And here starts the start of a very complicated venture. Called writing my blog posts backwards. Starting with the week of my last exam and working backwards, so hopefully (if it works) there will still be posts even when I am not able to write any because I am revising. So I am going to try and write as many as possible in the next week and see how far (back) that takes me.

So actually- you will be reading this post last- so you possible already know all this.

Is it just me or are you thinking Professor River Song out of Doctor Who? 

Glad it's not just me.

Someone once told me that cheese with noodles was totally normal.

I was not so sure. So I had to try it.

I'm still not so sure that it's totally normal- but I'll accept that it's not horrendous. It's actually quite okay. And a good source of calcium to boot.

It does, however, need a bit of thinking. I'm willing to accept cheese with noodles, I just have to draw a line at something like cheese with stir fry. Because.... urgh.

I think I can cope with cheese in a noodle salad though.

I had to think logically about what to put in it. I mean real logically. Putting cheese with noodles may be normal to some people, but to me it is something with should be approached with great caution. Like brushing a tigers fur. I hope I got it right, because really, I'm still not sure. Cheese and noodles?

No, now is not the time to point out that it is basically mac and cheese. Not the time at all!!!

Noodles and Cheese Salad (serves 1)

  • One portion of whichever type of noodles you like using best. Here I used instant noodles because I had a load that I wanted to use up, but normally I would have used my wholewheat egg free noodles or soba noodles. 
  • Either half a red (bell) pepper or a few smaller sweet peppers. I used three mini sweet peppers
  • Either 4 small tomatoes or one big one. 
  • Two spring onions.
  • 1/2 t turmeric
  • 1/4 t cumin
  • However much cheese you want. I used a small handful but I don't eat a lot of cheese. 
  • Optional: some chives. I cut up a fresh one, but you could also used 1/4 t dried chives. 

  • Cook your noodles according to the instructions on the packet. Add the turmeric and cumin to the cooking water. If your using dried chives add them too. 
  • Meanwhile, cut up the veggies. I like the spring onion and pepper cut up small, and the tomatoes cut up into bigger pieces. 

  • Drain the noodles. Yes, that means your getting rid of most of the turmeric and cumin, but you don't want a sauce. Just a bit of color/flavor. 
  • Mix the veggies into the noodles. 
  • Top with the cheese and fresh chive if using. 

So here is the end (or start) of my pre-written posts. And the day of my last exam, so, see you soon (in your view) or in a really long time (my view). 

You know... we do something like this in physics... I should revise.... for an exam I've done... messing with your heads yet?

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