June 11, 2015

Barny Bento

This is the last in my bear-y bento mini series. 

And next week- I can assure you- isn't a bento post. 

I know because I just wrote it. 

Okay, now, you know when you really really REALLY want something- even though you know that there is a high probability that you won't like it? 

Good.... and glad that it wasn't just me. If you've never experienced this- just pretend. It makes me feel less stupid- okay? 

So... we were down in Birmingham on an intensive week of physio (and that was less fun than it sounds, I assure you). And we frequented the local Tesco shop a lot. Because to be honest- there was nothing else to do. Except watch Food Network. Although that was actually a lot of fun and we have done it several times at home since. 

But they had a 'reduced' section. And in it were apple flavored Barny cakes. And despite the fact that I don't like cake at the moment and had never wanted one before- an apple flavoured Barney cake was suddenly very desirable. Unfortunately they only come in packs of 5. 

You know what? I don't like Barny cakes. But we are not telling Mom that and so I have to eat all of them. 

I should point out this probably doesn't mean that the cakes were bad- I just don't like cake.

Luckily this time someone gave me a couple of biscuits to take the taste away. 

So that is a Barny cake (apple flavoured), some grapes and celery sticks, some Quorn cocktail sausages, and some chickpea omelet. 

1. TIME This took me all of about 10 seconds to put together. I'd pre-cut the celery, pre washed the grapes, and cooked an extra (much smaller) omelet when I was making one for tea. So the time to pack this bento? Very little. One star for me. (Red today I think)

3. RECORDING I loose that star. We're talking months afterwards guys. 

4. BALANCE This is the first time that I used an 'omelette' as my calcium sauce. (okay, I don't think that it's the first time that you've seen me do it, but it is the first time that I actually did it). The omelette's are made with fortified milk, the chickpea flour is a source of calcium (who knew- right?) and this particular omelet mix contained sesame seeds. So we're good on calcium. So one red star (I'm currently talking to my friend about rubies, hence the red star). 

9. EATING I could possibly have eaten more. Well, I ate my friends biscuits so I did eat more. But this is not necessarily the fault of I didn't pack a big enough lunch- because as my friend pointed out- I had eaten breakfast very early- so by lunch I was very hungry!!! So the fault was actually more that I hadn't packed a snack! So we'll stay neutral on this one. Once. If I do it again I'll deduct a star. 

Which means that I end on one star. (and it sparkles. for the record)

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