December 17, 2013

Starburst Christmas Tree Card

There's this nurse at the Christie. She's my favorite.
It may just be because she's the nurse who looked after me on the first (very scary) days I was there.
It may just be because she's one of the younger nurses, and so she's less intimidating. 

Or it may just be that she's the best. 

Yup, that could be it. 

But this nurse, the one who's my favorite, really likes Starbursts, which is good, because I constantly have a packet by my bed. She is officially the Starburst nurse. And her favorite color of Starbursts is green. 

And guess what else is green? Yup, that's right, Christmas Tree's. 

So guess what the Starburst nurse is getting on her Christmas card (the doctor who has an obsession with onsies got a onsie) - a Christmas Tree. Out of Starbursts?

Why not? She is my favorite. And it is Christmas. 

(P.S. Sorry you can see the shadow of me taking the picture in the top photo. Just sorry for the picture quality in general.)

What you need:
21 Green Starbursts (For me, this was 2 x 125g packets, but it just depends how many greens you get. One packet had 8, the other 17)
1 Orange Starburst
1 Red Starburst
Card (A5 size) 
Felt Tips
Coloring Pencils
Sticky Fix Its

(You could also make a mini tree using 6 Starbursts, in a 1,2,3 formation with 'star' and trunk. This would probably take 2 rolls)

How to do it:

1. Place all the Starbursts (except the 'star') in formation on the card, trying to get them as close to centre as possible. (I just used whichever Starbursts came out the bag, as you are not sticking them down yet)

2. Using your pencil, put dots at the corners of each Starburst, so that when they are removed, you know where they should go on the card. 

3. Remove the Starbursts, and play join up the dots, so that you should hopefully get a Christmas Tree shape. (The pencil was too feint to photograph)

4. Outline the Christmas Tree in felt tip, as well as colored baubles, and color in using pencil crayons. 

5. Replace your Starbursts over the picture (they may not fit exactly, Starbursts are not perfectly uniform) making sure they are 'parcel' side up. I.e. the side with the folds, not the smooth side, so that when you have stuck the Starbursts down, you can still unwrap them. 

6. If your Sticky Fix Its are larger than your Starbursts, cut to size, then attach to the smooth side of the Starburst. 

7. Start sticking down the Starbursts to the picture. It doesn't matter if you start from the top or the bottom. 

8. Add the orange Starburst at an angle to the others, to create a sort of star.

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