May 28, 2015

Bear Pressed Sandwich Bento

I have got an amazing new kitchen gadget!!! (seriously, this type of thing gets me way too excited). It's a bear shaped sandwich sealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


It de-crusts the sandwich (a function which is always good), cuts it out into the shape of a bear, imprints the face of a bear on my sandwich and seals the crusts together a bit like a pocket sandwich- which means that no filling falls out!!!! 

What can't my little plastic gadget do? 

You can just about see the bear face. 

This is my bear. I've decided to call him Hawking. You might meet him a lot around here. 

I thought I would get some milk loaf, because I love it for a treat and also- it's smaller than standard sliced bread and so I thought there would be less waste. It was actually a bit to small, so my sealed sandwiches didn't work all that well. 

Look at this banana!!! I got them in Booths. Aren't they cute!!!! I had been having an argument with my parents for months about the mini banana's that appear in (and on) Vegan Lunch Box are the same as the children's (Eric the Elephant) banana's that we get from Sainsbury's. They said that those were the mini bananas featured. I disagreed- those were small banana's- as opposed to mini bananas. This proves that I was right all the time. Look- they fit in my (very pink looking here) hand!!! And my hands are amazingly small- this is a very mini banana!!! 

They are so cute. Just look at it. How can anybody not want to adopt that?

So - how did this bento do? 

It contains a (homemade and only slightly lumpy) vanilla pudding, a mini banana, a (homemade) date bar (can't remember what flavor), and two peanut butter bear shaped sealed sandwiches. 

2. LEFTOVERS Yes- even thought the bread was slightly too small- I still ended up with a lot of left over bread. However- I used them to make bread pudding!!! (It was soooooo good). I used a recipe from a cookbook that I had- but that makes too big a batch. One thing that is on my summer bucket list is to create a bread crust bread pudding recipe. So stay tuned. (unless you actually eat your crusts...) One star to me please!!!

3. RECORDING Loose a star and move on

5. BOXABILITY It just doesn't work. I'm seriously lagging on this one at the moment. Loose a star and move on! 

6. PACKAGING People, would you join me in my happy dance around my bedroom because THERE WAS NO EXCESS PACKAGING in this bento. This makes me happy on sooooo many levels. Dancing around. I think that of all the 'marking points' getting a star here makes me feel the best. Even above cuteness. 

7. CUTENESS My sandwiches had a bear imprinted on them. AND LOOK AT MY BANANA. Actually- overall this bento doesn't look all that cute- but the components are all cute. 

Which leaves me on one star. (I think I'm going to go for a blue star here.)

Look, I even added a (polar) bear ice pack!

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