November 07, 2014

Mini Paper Chains

Hey, here's another post I wrote last year for you. No, I have absolutely no idea why it didn't get posted last year. 


I sat at home one afternoon and made this paper chain. (The red and white one below.)

Ah yes I do, I was waiting for someone to take a picture of the paper chain, but no one would. Just imagine it. 

It was very easy to do, they came in pre-cut strips, and you slotted the end with a tab into the end with a slit. (It took me about 30 minutes). When my brother came home, he very kindly pointed out that the paper chain (which was actually more of a card chain, and so even heavier) was too big to fit on our tree. 

I don't know why he said it, we'd never put our paper chains on our tree before. 

Just in case you couldn't tell from that picture, here is a photo of the tree, adding a bit of scale for you. 

Our tree this year is tiny. It's a real live Christmas tree, but it's tiny. It means that I don't trip over anything, and it also solves the problem of who's going to put up the tree this year as I can't, but it's too tiny to put presents under, which I must admit is my main worry. But apparently my brother's main worry is that the paper chain is too big. And so I decided to make him a mini paper chain. (It took me about 2 hours)

Mini Paper Chains
 I must say, it is pretty easy, if a bit fiddly. 

What You Need
2 Colors of Paper (you don't need a lot)
Glue Stick

How to Do It

1. Cut strips out the colored paper. They were too small a strip for me to be bothered using a ruler, but feel free. Mine were about 1/8" by 1". So small. (Yes, you'll need more than 6)

2. Glue the first ring. Then, loop the second strip through the ring, and glue the second ring. Keep on going. 

3. And going

4. And going until you have the desired length of chain. It is really that simple. 

5. Use your paper chain to decorate whatever you want. We decorated our tree, but this chain would be perfectly at home decorating a dolls house. Or adding a 3D effect to a Christmas card. 

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