October 19, 2014

It's The Little Things That Matter

Ever noticed this?

Anyone can make instant hot chocolate, but it's the cream on top which shows that you went out to a coffee shop to get it. 

I had ballet shoes for years, but it was when I got ribbons on them (about 8 years in) I felt like I did ballet. 

I love watching how many page views I get- but it's the comments that make me smile.

The way Fun's We are Young reminds me of sitting on the hill at high school in a PE lesson with my friends, not doing PE.

The way that I KNOW I have written a book- but that when I open my wardrobe each morning, I see the dress that I bought the week I finished it, and it remind me again.

It's tumbling your pyjamas before you put them on so that they are all warm.

It's REAL cornflakes (the one with the rooster on the box) not the basics brand ones.

It's getting the A on your homework.

Its talking to your friends on your phone the minute you get in, even if you spent all day talking to them at school.

It's doing all your homework the night before so you can binge watch your favourite TV show.

It's the little toy in the cereal box.

Its the badge tab on my Guides uniform.

It's when you get that damn highlight of your photo, right where you don't want it to be. 

I have had my uniform top (and cap) for a while now. It shows everyone that I am proud to be a member of Girlguiding UK, and WAGGGS. It shows people that once a week I go and help out at Rainbows. It shows you that I am committed enough to invest in my uniform. It also shows you that I don't look horrendous in blue. 

I got my Promise badge shortly after. That shows you that I have pledged to uphold a certain set of values. It shows you that I promise to do my best in everything that I do. It shows you that I promise to think about my beliefs, and if that means I don't want to be Catholic any more, then that's fine. It shows that I promise serve the Queen and my Community- that I will try at all times to do what I can for those who share my world, and those who support me. It shows that I promise to help other people, even if that means I can't have what I want. 

It shows that I have promised, and when I wear it, it shows that I continue to promise Every. Single. Day. 

It shows you that I promise to keep the Guide Law. 

It shows you that I don't panic when I can't save my blog post. 

It shows you that you can trust me- because I am (trying really hard to be) honest and reliable. It shows that I try to be helpful, and to use my time and abilities wisely. It shows you that I am ready to face challenges, and to learn from experience. It shows you that I am committed to being a good friend and a sister to all guides. It shows you that I do my best to be polite and considerate. It shows you that I respect all living things as much as I can; whether they be plant, animal or human (the human one can be hard). It shows you that I try to take care of the world around me. 

But the badge tab? The badge tab shows you that I CAN DO MORE. 

It shows you that I have the ability to BE MORE. 

It shows you that Girlguiding will allow me to ACHIEVE MORE. 

That badge tab shows that I am confident that, at some point in the future, I will have more badges to go on there. 

I am going to get my Leaders Qualification. That shows that I am grown up, responsible, and trained to look after 5 to 7 year old girls, and to provide them with the Rainbow's program. That I know how to run a Rainbow's unit. 

If I get DofE- it shows that I am committed, that I have the dedication to go through with what I started. 

If I get a 5 year (or other time period) Service Badge? I have volunteered with Girlguiding actively for a long time. I didn't just do it for 6 months, or a year to get some qualification. I did it for more than that. It shows you that I love doing it. 

So that totally awesome utterly amazingly fantastical badge tab? It's a little thing- it is essentially a ribbon attached to a safety pin. But it matters- it matters because it shows that I have the potential for more. And as long as I'm in Girlguiding- and as I've been trying to explain to my Rainbows, you can be part of Girlguiding for as long as you want; and if you never want to quit, you never have to; just look at this 106 year old- there will be the opportunity for me to be more than I am now. I will always be able to do more.

And you know what? That matters. 

Even more than real cornflakes.  

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