July 16, 2014

It Always Rains in Cumbria

"IT ALWAYS RAINS IN CUMBRIA" said a girl as she got off the Glasgow Central - London Euston Train at Oxenholm on her way back from the T Festival. Except she put a exclamation in front of it. Really? What did she expect? Cause she just said it- it always rains in Cumbria.

When most teenage girls go shopping somewhere other than their hometown to spend their birthday money with their friends, they would go to the Trafford Centre. Or Liverpool One. Or Cheshire Oaks. Or wherever it is they go. Other girls my age are going out shopping for Uni stuff. Like a frying pan and a scourer. They don't go to Cumbria.

Hi there! Here I am! The girl who dragged her two best friends all the way to Windermere (in Cumbria (where it rains a lot)) to go shopping. Yeah, I know. I subjected my friends to a downpour, and a two hours on a train, and changing at Oxenholm, and pushing me in a wheelchair, just so I could go to ONE shop.

Ever been to Lakeland? If no, well, Lakeland is a kitchenware and home ware store. It sells really cool stuff. Like really cool. You go in and you could make a list as tall as you of what you would want in your dream kitchen. It's also the only store where you and your friends can have fun trying on rubber gloves. Yeah. Its that kind of store. And although there are stores all over the country (except Manchester), the one in Windermere is the original, flagship store, and is worthy of a day out.

To be honest, quite a lot of what Lakeland sells is expensive, but, a bit like John Lewis, 99% of the time, it's the best, and most innovative. Its a treat to go there, and buy a slightly overpriced item.

And we didn't just go to Lakeland, we did go to Booths two for lunch. I had the Mushroom Pilaf, which was served with chips/wedges/potatoes, cauliflower and red cabbage. It really didn't need the potato product (I had wedges, should of gone with chips, the outsides were a bit tough for my cutlery skills), and I was to scared to try the red cabbage (I know I don't like the jarred stuff, anyone know if I like the fresh stuff?). It was really really nice though. Dad-can-you-help-me-do-this-at-home kind of good, full of mushrooms and sultanas kind of good. Apparently the lasagna was nice too.

You wanna see what I bought with my birthday money. I know you do! (Well, I'll pretend you do).

One thing I have learn from today's post? The squares of material that I've used for backgrounds a few times now? They need ironing. And sorry for the two tone one above, I couldn't get my big sheet of card downstairs, and I didn't wanna take a knife upstairs.

Okay. Total impulse buy people. But it was on sale. It was under £2. AND ITS CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said, AND ITS CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Mom saw it, she was jubilant. Something to do with them getting their infant school milk in bottles exactly like this. Dad then rained on her thunder by pointing out that their milk bottles had foil tops and were a half pint, not 250ml. Yes, my Dad is pedantic enough to point out 34ml difference. Is it rekindling beautiful for anyone else? Or just my parents? 

BBC Children in Need is coming up soon guys! Yeah, like in November. But as always, it's best to be prepared!!! Plus, it looks conveniently like a Micky Mouse (or Minnie). And Mom says if I'm desperate I can turn the shapes upside down and call them cars. It's multi-functional people!!! And if your wondering what this strange silicone contraption is, you put it in your frying pan and it makes pancakes/eggs in a Pudsey shape. So-expect a Pudsey bento coming in... a long time. (But it's best to be prepared, right?) Plus, £1 went to Children in Need because I bought this.  

Forget it says Cbeebies. Forget all about that fact. I'm kind of a messy baker. Messier than those children you see on that program I told you to forget about. Hopefully, next time I spill flour, I can just shake it off the mat into the bin, instead of Mom having to change the tablecloth. Was pink the right color? We spent a lot of time debating this. 

I have bought tools for the great bento project! It includes a (very scary) garnish knife, a wavy cutter (my main reason for buying it), a flower cutter (my second main reason for buying it), a melon baller and a julienne peeler. So, expect some pretty veg from now on!

Silicone mini loaf pans. Also on sale. They are to make mini loafs. Okay, the end ones look a bit misshapen, but we are working at straightening them out as we speak. 

Another color dilemma. This was mainly brought so my brother would stop going on at me about using his. Plus, its not white, so hopefully I wont have to worry about staining it as much. Although I am still going to keep it away from Moms play dough making. 

I wasn't going to get this, because I didn't think it was BPA free, but it is BPA free, so I bought it. It's a reusable juice box. Which. Is. Just. So. Cool. It means I can take juice out without having to worry about tainting my water bottle or damaging the environment. This does come directly after Dad bought me 24 Fruit Shoot's though. (They were on offer!) And, you can buy parts to replace the straw. But not in the UK yet. 

My friend made the woman in the shop laugh by pointing out that I was spending my 18th birthday money by buying a juice box. She is soooo mean. (Just kidding.) (Maybe). 

This is the watertight beaker that I got, before I realised that the Juice in the Box was BPA free (it really should have mentioned that in the Lakeland catalogue), and never thought to put back. I'm sure that it will still come in useful though. Maybe I could take a smoothie to college?

And finally, Zipzicles. The coolest thing on the planet. They allow you to make your own ice pops. Which is kinda cool. And if your careful with them, you can reuse them. Mom says they are fiddly to wash, but doable. (Yes, I've already made 5 Zipzicles) And they are really really cool. They come in a pack of twelve. It would be kind of good if you could get them in bigger pack sizes, as 12 is approximately one batch. And if your not reusing them... BUT THEY ARE SO COOL. 

Oh, and a word for the wise about getting soaked on Oxenholm station? If you crouch under the platform sign in an attempt to avoid the soaking, it doesn't work. Trust me, one of my friends tried it. 

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