June 24, 2016

Caramel Bananachino

Because I am sitting here in Seattle on vacation and sucking a dum dum lollipop and about to go out..
 Brevity is my friend guys - I'm sorry.

So I signed up for Popsicle week a long time before I realized that it would be whilst I was on vacation, when I would be without my laptop. And here Popsicle week has come, and although I had every intention of writing this post BEFORE I got on the plane... Well life happens. Life being me, going out for bubble tea with my friend to talk about Comicon costumes. I'm sorry guys. I'd say you can shoot me but really you'd just be shooting your computer/phone/other electronic device screens and that would just mean you had to find a load of money to repair/replace above mentioned screen. So I won't say that. 

So let's get on to Popsicles. And bad - unprecise  recipes. 

Caramel Bananachino Popsicles 

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 mug coffee (black, brewed how you like) 
  • Caramel pudding (I used ready made (vegan) from Alpro, you could also probably use any vanilla/butterscotch pudding and adjust the name accordingly) 
  • Milk to thin, if needed. 

  • Place coffee and bananas in a blender (to tall jug with a stock blender) and blend until totally combined and no lumps of banana remain
  • Use milk to thin the pudding to a pouring consistency.
  • Choose either mixture as the first layer and pour part way up the Popsicle mould (alternatively you could use a freezer safe cup and a Popsicle stick) - freeze for several hours 
  • Use the other mixture to create a new layer and freeze again (if the two mixtures start to combine the Popsicles should be frozen for longer between layers are added) 
  • More, thinner layers will take longer to make than Popsicles with fewer, thicker layers. If you want your Popsicles sooner - the two mixtures can be mixed together to form a single mixture and unlayered Popsicles can be created. 
  • ZOKU MACHINE TIPS - layers will take minutes rather than hours to freeze- the layers do have to be of an easily pourable consistency, and make sure not to use sugar free pudding as this will freeze solid and be unremovable. 

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